What Our Clients Say

Hi Vanita.

Thank you for everything that you have done. It is a 4 year exercise.  I want to Thank You for the help and support. Thank you for being professional but also caring.
Johan, Luzelle, Pierro and Dihan.

2021 Resident Visa Granted

September 2022

I’d like to publicly “Thank You” for your help & service that you have provided Vanita.
Getting my Residence Visa was never be this quick” and easy” without you.
You have done a tremendous job. Vanita Hurbuns is a great lawyer. Very knowledgable. Very qualified. Provided an outstanding service. Great communications skills. etc..
“Everyone should come to you because you are THAT good, I am serious”

I will definitely use your help again in the future.
Stay in touch and Thank you sooo much.

Tyler Chong

2021 Resident – T.Chong

July 2022
Hi Vanita, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  Please tell the case officer thank you for her efforts as well.
– E.Claassens-

New Work to Residence visas – expedited

February 2022

Hi Vanita,

Thanks for your reply. We have much more clarity regarding the 2021 RV now.  I’m very impressed with your way of working and professionalism, and would highly recommend you to anyone in need of immigration advice/services.

Thanks once again – Henning

Consultation on the one-off 2021 Resident Visa

February 2022

We were looking for an agent when I had to change jobs due to my position being disestablished and I found a new job in Auckland.  We got in touch with Vanita, through a family member and a recommendation from our employment agent. Vanita was awesome!! She made an appointment with us right away and we met at her office two days later! She patiently explained our options and told us to contact her once we made our decision. We submitted all the documents, which took about a week. We were waiting for a signed contract from the Employer, which delayed the process! Vanita submitted our Visa application and …..wait for it….7 working days, Yes, 7 working days later, she phoned us with the news!! Visa approved!!She is extremely competent, helpful and hands on!  I will recommend her services with the utmost confidence!!  Thanks Vanita, you are awesome!!

Paul & Karen Geldenhuys

July 2019

Hi Vanita, I am writing this email, sitting at my desk and I am lost for words!!! I cant express or say in words how much I appreciate all your help from day 1 being there for me and advising us which are the best available options etc.
You have become in a way my mentor when it comes to immigration. Its been an absolute pleasure working with you and I will forever be grateful for everything you have done for me and Gabby. You have literally turned the impossible to the very possible. I will never be able to thank you for helping me set up my future in NZ. You have been an absolute pleasure.
Thank you so so much. Warm regards

Jason & Gabby

July 2018

Experienced, honest, professional, understanding, compassionate, dedicated, and on the ball….this is to name a few traits which you and your company possess.  Your team have taken away the stress and pressure that is associated with the immigration process which makes life adapting to these hardened changes,  a lot more easier.  Sincerely thankful for all your assistance and putting up with my numerous calls, emails and text messages, undoubtedly you guys are the best in the business and will whole heartedly recommend you to the world.
Thank you once again , keep on with service excellence.

Naidoo family

January 2018

Mostly I would like to thank you for your affectionate guidance, understanding the case circumstances, organised work style, efficient communication with higher officials, frequent communication with client and problem-solving skills on my application. All these skills of yours have worked together and evicted the errors in my visa application which has denied my work rights. After applied through you, I’ve got the work visa within four days due to your 24/7 focused and attentive hard work –  Thank You.

Beula Juliet

December 2017
Vanita was recommended to me by a friend and she helped us from the very start through to residence.  During this time it has been a partnership whereby we were always given the correct advice and ongoing support through this very difficult and emotional process. I have been very impressed with the professional as well as the sympathetic human way in which we were guided through this process.
I was also very aware that this is not a money making scheme, but just an honest business with a human touch. We had a non straight forward situation with my son’ s condition and were always advised correctly to navigate through the process. I  can highly recommend Vanita and have been referring colleagues and friends.

Suzie and Louis

November 2017

My name is Rosh Newton and have finally received my NZ Residence after a 16 year struggle with INZ. This is thanks to Vanita Hurbuns taking on the task of managing my application, she was so professional but most encouraging and supportive through the whole process.Vanita was on holiday in South Africa while my application was in process, but she ensured that she kept me informed on progress of my application by email. I had despaired of ever getting my residency, until Vanita took on my case and at no cost!! My husband, Rob and I are so amazed at Vanita’s generosity, support And tenacity  and belief that my residency will be in by October 2017, however she was out by a few weeks as it came through  earlier on 26 September 2017!!!In my 16 years of dealing with INZ, Vanita is by far the” best in the business”, and I qualify this by my personal experience- 5months from initial contact to my receiving my NZ Residence!!!Heartfelt thanks to Vanita.

Rob and Rosh

October 2017