Specialist Advocacy

Specialist Advocacy

Specialist advocacy covers a range of services i.e. Character Waivers, Medical Waivers, Section 61 Requests, responding to Potentially Prejudicial Information (PPI) Letters and IPT representation.

In order to follow the fair and natural justice process, INZ gives an applicant an opportunity to respond to such matters before deciding the fate of your application. If advocacy on your behalf is vague and lacking in substantive information, your visa will be declined.

This is where, you need the expertise of a LIA/Agent to advocate on your behalf using the relevant legislation available in New Zealand to make a substantive case and respond accordingly.

If you are in a dilemma, Contact Us to see if we can assist you.


Complex Cases

A2 NZ can help individuals with complex issues. Timing is everything and usually limited when it comes to immigration issues. Overstayers have limited time is making their status lawful again. Cancellation of temporary visas pose their own problems. Health and Character waivers are sometimes needed to have a visa granted. Our team can assess your personal circumstances. Based on this, we will help you strategise and present your case to Immigration New Zealand (INZ).

Feel free to contact us anytime! Talk to any of our Licensed Advisers to know more about regaining lawful status again in New Zealand.