Types of Visa

Visitor Visa

Everyone who wishes to visit New Zealand must be a bona-fide visitor. For Immigration New Zealand (INZ) to grant this type of visa, the applicant must meet a specific set of criteria. The need for a visitor visa application will depend if you’re from a visa-waived or non visa-waived country.


Work Visa

An individual wishing to work in New Zealand may apply for a work visa which requires a job offer. This is the first step for those wishing to achieve residency in the country. A New Zealand working visa grants temporary permission to work in the country.


Skilled Migrant Resident Visa

The Skilled Migrant Resident Visa grants New Zealand residency. This visa type follows a points system. An applicant is awarded points based on Age, Work Experience, Qualifications, New Zealand Job Offer and bonus-points, where applicable.


Student Visa

There are two types of Student Visas. One is for a Work visa holder who wishes to have their Dependent Child/ren [under the age of 19] attend school.

The second Student Visa are for those students wishing to study at Tertiary Institutes.


Business and Investor Visa

The Business Investor is made up of the three visa categories:
1. Entrepreneur Work Visa (at least is NZ$100,000),
2. Investor 1 (at least $10 million) and
3. Investor 2 (at least $3million).

We have a specialist team who deals with the set-up of this as well as the planning.  


Family Residence Visas (Partnership, Dependent Child and Parent categories) :

This may include individuals joining family members in New Zealand. There are various scenarios that will fall under Family, Partnership and Parent Categories.

The Parent Category is due to re-open in February 2020.


Partner or Spouse

An individual with a working or residency visa in New Zealand may choose to bring their partner/spouse. They can sponsor their partner/spouse to live in the country and apply for a residency.

Dependent Children

A dependent child student visa will allow children of temporary work visa holders to join their parents. At the same time, they will have the chance to enjoy the same benefits as domestic students. That includes being able to attend a primary or secondary school in New Zealand.


New Zealand residents or citizens may choose to bring their parents to the country. Depending on their status, their parents may apply for a Family Residence or a multiple entry Visitor’s Visa.

Can’t decide on the right type of visa? Contact one of our Licensed Advisers for an assessment on the visa that will serve your purpose and goals.