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Do you rely on overseas staff to give you a competitive edge? Are you an employer planning to expand your workforce? What happens when the New Zealand labour market does not have skills and expertise to propel your business into the growth phase?

From 23 May 2022, you can start applying for Accreditation, with the  Employer Accreditation being enforced by Immigration New Zealand on 04 July 2022.   Under the new rules, all employers will have to obtain accreditation in order to secure the employment of a migrant worker on an accredited employer work visa [“AEWV”].

As part of a 3-CHECK process, Immigration New Zealand will assess the Employer, assess/assist with the Job-check –  [opens 20 June 2022]; then assess the migrant worker  for health, character; and skills/experience.  If an employer is not accredited, they will be unable to hire any migrants on the employer-assisted work visa. This is going to affect your workforce.

A2 NZ can assist you in business compliance and meeting Immigration New Zealand requirements for accreditation, the job-check and assist with the offshore applicant meeting the criteria.


employer services

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