Full-Skilled Migrant Assessment

Expert Advise from Our Experienced Team

Years of practical experience will help us address various immigration concerns. A2 NZ advisors will assess and check your eligibility, depending on your preferred visa. We will also provide you information and recommendations on the type of visa that will suit you the best.


Tailored Services for You or Your Family

Are you planning to move to Australia or New Zealand? Our full-skilled migrant assessment services is the first step. Our services will take away all the tedious work from you. Instead, you get to focus on making sure that you or your family’s plan to move to Australia or New Zealand is smooth and hassle-free.

We can also assist you in meeting health and character standards required in both Australia or New Zealand immigration. Our team will assess and analyse your standing and advise on the next steps to take.

Detailed Immigration Assessment Report

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Qualification Analysis

Health and Character Analysis

Health and Character Analysis

Immigration Status Advise

Immigration Status Advice

Visa Types & Validity

Visa Types & Validity

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