“Tailored and Full-Range Immigration Services and Advise for Everyone”

A2 NZ offers a full range of immigration services. Our licensed advisors will then tailor these depending on your needs. A2 NZ’s Immigration Services are complete and easy to understand. Our services also follow the strict guidelines of the IAA’s Code of Conduct and are bound by a contract.

You don’t have to spend long hours studying all those immigration requirements. Our Licensed Advisers will walk you through each step of the process. You’ll be in the loop with the status of your application, keeping you in the know, at all times.

Our Licensed Advisers will deliver value to you through our Immigration Services. We are knowledgeable in helping you meet the full qualifications needed for migration. From delivering mandatory requirements to visa processing, they will be there every step of the way. As a result, a faster and higher approval rate for your visa application.


New Zealand Employers

2020 will see a change in the way you hire migrants. Accreditation from Immigration New Zealand will be the focus. We can help your business achieve this. You can download your free employer guide here.

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Full Skilled Migrant Assessment

A detailed assessment report on you or your family’s visa pathway to Australia or New Zealand.

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New Zealand Visa Application Services

Visa preparation and management services for a hassle-free migration to New Zealand.

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Australian Visa Application Services

Looking to move to Australia. We are provide an assessment and pathway for you or your family.

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Specialist Advocacy

Assistance and guidance to individuals experiencing challenging immigration situations i.e. Section 61 Requests, PPI Letter responses, Health waivers, Character waivers and IPT representation.

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Business Consultancy

We are able to assist you in analysing and setting up your Human Resource Policies and WorkPlace Practices in line with Immigration New Zealand’s regulations for Accreditation.

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