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February 24, 2020

Residence processing priority announced

October 7, 2019

Parent Resident Visa – Re-opening Feb 2020

Just in and what most people have been waiting for, is the re-opening of the Parent Resident Visa Category.

There will be changes to the current requirements and EOI’s (Expression of Interest) will only be accepted once the category opens with selection starting in May 2020.

To be an eligible sponsor, you must hold a resident visa for at least three years [ or be a citizen].

The category is also capped at  1000.  

Single SponsorCurrent RequirementNew Income Threshold
1 parentNZD $65,000NZD $106,080Twice the median salary
2 parentsNZD $65,000NZD $159,120Three times the median salary
Sponsor and PartnerCurrent RequirementNew Income Threshold
1 parent (joint income)NZD $90,000NZD $159,120Three times the median salary
2 parents (joint income)NZD $90,000NZD $212,160Four times the median salary
Guaranteed lifetime income of 1 applicant or a coupleNZD $28,166 or NZD $41,494NOT required
Settlement fundsNZD $500,000Not available in the new category

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