Why use an Adviser?

Often we get asked to validate why a client should be using a professional and what do we really do!

There is a misconception out there that we are “glorified form-fillers” and that’s about it! In reality, it’s far from the truth.

Lets talk Strategy

The reality is, STRATEGY is EVERYTHING and what you pay for! A good Adviser/Agent will work with the client to have them onboard. Together with you, the Adviser/Agent will provide strategic insight to your situation.

While the immigration forms are stock-standard stuff, the reality is, each case is UNIQUE and the Adviser/Agent has to apply their knowledge to work through YOUR particular case.

The Adviser/Agent has to also [mitigate] research so there is a solution for you. As a good Adviser/Agent, you cannot apply your knowledge from one case to another. This is what will trip you up! DIYer’s often fall in this trap!


I swear to you, three-quarters on my day is spent on research. There are no clear answers. While the law is the law, we have to consider all aspects of law, not just immigration law! This is where the Lawyer trumps the Adviser/Agent.

In saying that, a [very] good Adviser/Agent will use all the resources available to them and “up their game”!

Recent scenario – An Employer Dilemma

Just the other day I carried out a consultation for an Employer who had employed the one and only overseas worker in their business [a small business]. They also sought legal advice from an Lawyer prior. With the pending changes Employers are now facing from immigration, the Employer needed some options i.e. do they keep the overseas Employee or let them go!

It’s a tough one and we will see more of these situations arise as Employers are now forced to comply or let their migrant staff go. The short story is, I provided a business strategy for the company considering immigration law as well as employment law to provide a solution. The Employer commented, “that was exactly what I was looking for!”

Strategy is everything!