Rob and Rosh

My name is Rosh Newton and have finally received my NZ Residence after a 16 year struggle with INZ. This is thanks to Vanita Hurbuns taking on the task of managing my application, she was so professional but most encouraging and supportive through the whole process.Vanita was on holiday in South Africa while my application was in process, but she ensured that she kept me informed on progress of my application by email. I had despaired of ever getting my residency, until Vanita took on my case and at no cost!! My husband, Rob and I are so amazed at Vanita’s generosity, support And tenacity  and belief that my residency will be in by October 2017, however she was out by a few weeks as it came through  earlier on 26 September 2017!!!In my 16 years of dealing with INZ, Vanita is by far the” best in the business”, and I qualify this by my personal experience- 5months from initial contact to my receiving my NZ Residence!!!Heartfelt thanks to Vanita.