Teachers to be reunited with their Family

17 months later and Registered Teachers in New Zealand can finally be reunited with their partners and dependent children who are stuck offshore.

It is bitter-sweet for some as they have thrown in the towel and gone back to their home country. For others with the mental resilience [my hat goes off to you], just kept at it and now is the time to celebrate! But it’s time one will never get back with missed birthdays, anniversaries, births, etc.

Amendment Circular 2021-41, effective 13 August 2021 [Yes – when the decision was made by the Minister!] has all the details pertaining to this cohort.

The main criteria for meeting the policy is:

  • The temporary visa holder must be employed in New Zealand as a Teacher in either Early Childhood Education, or Primary, or Secondary schooling , AND
  • hold current registration with the Teaching Council of New Zealand.

The Partner and/or Dependent Child/ren will be considered for critical purpose travel to New Zealand if they are currently outside of New Zealand.

For more, readAmendment Circular 2021-41

In our opinion, in light of the proposed Skilled Migrant Category changes and the brief update/recall of the EOI Pool of Points, this is a prelude to the occupations who will have first priority [in the EOI Pool selection] when the Minister re-opens the Pool [ high remuneration, nurses, teachers and other occupationally registered cohorts].

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