Stand Down Periods and AEWV Extensions

Yesterday, saw the final draw under the Skilled Migrant Category [“SMC”] for those with points on 180 or more. There will be a two-month break before SM6 – “6 Point system” opens, 09 October 2023.

Stand-down period – no pathway to residence – pay below median wage

AEWV holders who are paid at least the median wage [$29.66 per hour] can spend a maximum of five years on an AEWV, after which they must spend 12 months outside New Zealand before they are eligible to be granted a further AEWV. The five years can be on one AEWV or multiple AEWVs of shorter durations.

Exception to Stand-down period – pathway to residence

People on a recognised pathway to residence will be able to apply to stay on an AEWV once they have reached the maximum continuous stay without spending the 12 months outside New Zealand.

Example, someone meeting the skill threshold (occupational registration, qualification or income) but needing more time to complete their skilled work experience.

AEWV extensions from three to five years

A maximum continuous stay for Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) holders takes effect from 27 November 2023 that is based on a job OR job offer that is paid at least the median wage. 

Employers will not need to apply for a further Job Check if they are offering continued employment to someone who holds an AEWV on 26 November 2023 provided the worker’s visa conditions remain the same. The employer can reuse their job token.