Partners and Dependent Children of Workers

Effective from 5 August 2021, the following changes to immigration policies have been made for Partners and Dependent children of Essential Work Visa holder ONLY; as well as RSE applicants:

  1. partners and dependent children who are applying for a visa based on their relationship to an Essential Skills work visa holder or applicant, DO NOT have to provide police or medical certificates if they have provided these certificates with a previous visa application;
  2. Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) applicants, who have been working in New Zealand for a sustained period due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, DO NOT have provide police certificates with their visa application.

NOTE: Up to 29 August 2021, visa applications should be made using the updated paper form (INZ 1198, INZ 1012 or INZ 1017). From 30 August 2021 applications can be made online.

Source: Amendment Circular 2021-34