How to make New Zealand visa applications during the 4-week country lock-down

All Immigration New Zealand processing centres in New Zealand will be closing as of tomorrow, with only a few staff working remotely.

There will be process delays for both online and paper-based applications currently lodged or [in the process of being] lodged to them.

There will be no distinction between temporary visa or a resident visa applications as these applications will be placed on HOLD most likely the entire lockdown period.

It is advisable to use the online system for ALL temporary visa applications as these applications can be transferred remotely to offshore processing offices (such as Beijing which is likely to come back on line in a few weeks).

Epidemic Management Notice

This will see all temporary visa holders (work, student, visitor, interim and limited) expiring from 02 April 2020 and 9 July 2020 (inclusive), automatically have their visas extended to 25 September 2020.

However, those people whose temporary visas (work, student, visitor, interim and limited) are expiring between now and o1 April 2020, are expected to apply for new visas using the online system. This will grant them a 6-month interim visa [while the decision is been made] on the temporary visa. It is VERY important that these visa holders remain lawful at all times.


NZQA will also be closing tomorrow at 13.30. Staff will be working remotely and endeavour to meet their committed timelines. You can review your application through the NZQA portal.