Dealing with Infectious Diseases

Employers have to ensure they are equipped to deal with infectious diseases in light of Covid-19 being upgraded from epidemic status to pandemic status.

Most organisations should be equipped to deal with infectious diseases such as the common cold to influenza, gastric and other viruses such as Hepatitis and HIV/AIDS. Similar to the healthcare industry, businesses now have to observe proper infection control procedures.

These policies and procedures fall under Health and Safety and need to be expanded on. 

The focus needs to be on :

  1. Developing an infectious disease policy.
  2. Identifying significant infectious disease hazards I.e. common cold to influenza, gastric and other viruses, Hepatitis and HIV/AIDS.
  3. Assessing the risks
  4. Determining and implementing measures to eliminate or minimise the risk.
  5. Developing and implementing information and training programmes.
  6. Monitoring and reviewing the infectious diseases programme.
  7. Keeping relevant records, including risk management information, immunisation and post-exposure counselling and treatment records, and information and training provided.
  8. Developing a procedure to report and remedy infectious disease issues and problems.
  9. Establishing a system for investigating all accidents and injuries potentially involving infectious disease issues.