Congratulations Adam and Christina

We are delighted for this couple who obtained the residence during Alert Level 4 lockdown.

Their Timeline – 8 months

  1. Expression of Interest lodged 24 September 2019,
  2. Expression of Interest selected 25 September 2019,
  3. Invitation to Apply – granted 25 September 2019 (same day),
  4. Documents submitted to Immigration New Zealand – 30 September 2019,
  5. Case Officer assigned 08 January 2020,
  6. Residence granted 15 May 2020 (during Alert Level 4 lockdown).

Behind the scenes

  • The client held a Work to Residence-Talent Accredited Employer visa but chose the SMC route for faster processing. The client’s application was prioritised under high remuneration.
  • One applicant had two police certificates expiring on 03 October and 09 October 2019, respectively. We planned on expediting the ITA process but this wasn’t required.
  • The Job Title and ANZSCO [according to the company and ANZSCO Job Titles] where not a match and INZ’s Case Officer queried registration on 08 January 2020.
  • ANZSCO changes were made accordingly without comprising the integrity of the occupation and the employer’s occupational registration requirements for the work carried out. The case officer was satisfied with the outcome.
  • 26 February 2020 – employer was emailed a questionnaire from INZ’s Case officer. We worked with the client and employer who was very supportive.
  • Residence granted on 15 May 2020.

Residence would have most likely been granted earlier but Immigration New Zealand had zero capacity for processing applications during Alert Level 4.

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